The Best Notebooks And Notepads

The researchWhy you should trust usA medium softcover notebook with silky pages: Apica Premium CD NotebookA medium softcover notebook with mJual Notebook Medan ore texture: Midori MD NotebookA hardcover notebook for journaling or rencana: Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover NotebookThe best Moleskine alternative: Paperage Lined JournalThe best spiral-bound notebook: Maruman Mnemosyne N194A Special Memo NotebookLarge softcover notebook pick: Apica Notebook CD15The best steno notepad: Maruman Mnemosyne N166 Steno PadThe best reporter notebook: Leuchtturm1917 Reporter NotepadSoftcover reporter notebook: Field Notes Front Page Reporter’s NotebooksDDistributor Notebook Medan isc-bound notebook for maximum customizability: Levenger CircaBest pocket-size pick: Muji Passport MemoAn upgraded pocket-size notebook: Field Notes Memo BookWhat about Moleskine?How we pickedHow we testedNotable competitionThe competitionSources Toko Notebook Medan

Wirecutter senior staff writer Melanie Harga Notebook Medan Pinola has written about technology and home-office topics for more than a dozen years for sites such as Lifehacker, PCWorld, Popular Mechanics, and Laptop Magazine. For over five years, she has tested and reviewed gear for Wirecutter, including home-office essentials such as webcams, USB microphones, and office chairs. She’s a die-hard stationery fan who uses notebooks daily for work and personal projects; it’s probably telling that almost everyone close to her has gifted her a notebook at one point or another.

During our preliminary notebook research, we consulted with and relied upon the work of experienced bloggers who review pens, pencils, and stationery. These people care far more about the performance of paper against all sorts of writing implements than most people, and they also have a wide range of papers to compare notebooks with. In particular, we traded emails with three bloggers to inquire after their favorite notebooks: Brad Dowdy, The Pen Addict, is a co-founder of Nock Co., which makes notebooks and stationery bags; Elizabeth Newberry of No Pen Intended has written hundreds of reviews of pens and notebooks and particularly appreciates paper that can stand up to a fountain pen; and Ian Hedley of Pens! Paper! Pencils! is a professional artist who also runs the pen blog search engine Pennaquod. We also interviewed (via email) a representative from the online stationery store JetPens and several notebook enthusiasts who contribute to Reddit’s r/notebooks subreddit.

A medium softcover notebook with silky pages: Apica Premium CD Notebook

Photo: Michael HessionOur pick

Get this if: You want a softcover notebook that is the size of a trade paperback book and has super-smooth paper your pen will glide over. If you write with a fountain pen or rollerball, you’ll probably appreciate how well this notebook’s paper shows off ink colors.

Why it’s great: Four out of five Wirecutter panelists chose the Apica Premium CD Notebook as their top or second-favorite notebook pick, saying the feel of the paper was the “best out of the bunch” and “silky yet not ‘plastic-y’ like some others.” The paper stood up well to a range of writing instruments—even demanding fountain pen ink—with little feathering and minimal ghosting.

We also liked the paper’s off-white, eggshell color—neither too bright nor too yellow—and the simple, well-spaced, light gray line ruling. The cardstock cover is sturdy, and the stitched binding is high quality, allowing the notebook to lie flat nicely. All in all, this is a great all-purpose notebook with thick paper that feels luxurious to the touch.

The Apica Premium CD Notebook’s paper has a pleasant off-white tone, and ink looks great on it. Photo: Michael Hession

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The Apica’s super-smooth paper isn’t for everyone, especially those who are expecting a traditional paper feel as you get with typical composition notebooks. It feels more like the slick pages of The New York Times’s Sunday Magazine than the tougher paper that makes up the rest of the newspaper. Or, for another analogy, like sateen bed sheets lawan jersey knit sheets.

The notebook’s old-fashioned cover design might come across as kitschy to some, but you could always customize it with a cover, which would improve the notebook’s durability.

Also, it doesn’t come with a ribbon laman marker, and although it has a small index on the first halaman, the pages aren’t numbered. We don’t think those features are essential for most people, but if they matter to you, consider the Leuchtturm1917 in softcover.

Size: A5 (lima.8 by 8.tiga inches), 192 pagesRuling options: lined, graph, blank

A medium softcover notebook with more texture: Midori MD Notebook

Photo: Michael HessionAlso great

Get this if: You want a simple, medium-size notebook with paper that’s easy on the eyes and offers tactile feedback—the rougher paper slows your writing down and makes you pay more attention to it, in contrast to slicker paper that your pen would glide across. The Midori MD Notebook strikes a delicate balance between smoothness and “toothiness,” so if you like feeling a bit more friction than you get from the more coated or vellum papers of other notebooks, this might be the one for you.

Why it’s great: The Midori MD Notebook is simplicity at its best, with a plain cream-colored cardstock cover and matte pages with light blue ruling. Three out of five testers ranked this notebook in their top three, saying they loved the pleasant tone of the paper and the notebook’s minimalist aesthetic, which makes writing and journaling as distraction-free as possible. It takes all sorts of ink but handles pencil especially well because of the paper’s slight tooth; the blank or graph versions of the Midori MD would be great for doodling or sketching. There is some ghosting or show-through on the other side of the page, but we didn’t find it intrusive.

Construction-wise, the quality of the stitching is terrific, allowing the notebook to lie flat. (Compared with other notebooks of this size, including the Apica Premium CD, the Midori MD is bound in more, smaller sections, called signatures—16 signatures versus a more common eight or 12—which makes it sturdier and helps it lie flat more easily.) Unlike many other soft notebooks, this one has a ribbon bookmark—a silky green one that nicely complements the cream Grosir Notebook Medan pages.

The Midori MD Notebook sports a minimalist design.Photo: Michael Hession

Flaws but not dealbreakers: Our main complaint against this otherwise lovely notebook is the dark horizontal line that runs across the middle of all the pages. While some people might use this line to divide their notes, we found it distracting and unnecessary.

This is also a notebook you might want to get a cover for, because although the cardstock feels sturdy, it’s not as rugged or as thick as other notebooks’ covers. (It comes with a thin plastic cover, but we found that more intrusive than useful.) Clear, paper, and leather covers are available at JetPens.

Although most of our testers didn’t experience a lot of smudging with most writing utensils, our left-handed tester found that this notebook’s paper smudged significantly more with a gel pen than others did.

Size: A5 (lima.8 by 8.tiga inches), 176 pagesRuling options: lined, graph, blank

A hardcover notebook for journaling or rencana: Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook

Photo: Michael HessionOur pick

Get this if: You want a medium-size hardcover notebook that helps you organize and keep track of your thoughts and ideas. All of the tiny details, such as the index pages and labels for archiving, make this notebook gift-worthy, too.

Why it’s great: The Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook was the favorite notebook of three of our testers, and they listed many reasons for that. Most of all, the cream-colored paper is exquisite, with a powdery, toothy feel unlike that of any of the other notebooks we tested or have used in the past. (In a pile of more than 20 notebooks, this is the one I could most readily pick out if blindfolded.) The paper took well to pencil, ballpoint, rollerball, gel pen, and fountain pens, with very little smudging and no bleeding. Most of our testers said it just felt good to write on.

We love the firm cover and the ample laman count, as well as all the extras this notebook offers: two thick ribbon bookmarks, labels for the spine and title page, page numbers, index pages, and a sturdy back pocket.

The Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover Notebook has a generous 251 pages and two ribbon bookmarks.Photo: Michael Hession

Pemanfaatan Curtain wall Buat Gedung

jasa pasang curtain wall murah

jasa pasang curtain wall murah – Penjelasan Curtain wall yaitu suatu penutup dinding gedung yang ada pada bagian luar buat perlindungan ruang gedung sisi dalam dari cahaya matahari langsung, dari angin, serta dari air hujan. Curtain wall juga di kenal dengan istilah facade yang berarti penutup gedung. Satu diantara bahan curtain wall yaitu ACP.

Pemanfaatan Curtain wall Buat Gedung

Tiap-tiap gedung, baik itu gedung anyar ataupun gedung yang udah lama dibikin, jelas punya ruang paling luar yang manfaatnya selaku perlindungan sisi dalam. Sebab manfaatnya yang paling genting ini, jadi curtain wall mesti dibentuk berbahan bangunan yang tahan semua cuaca.

Spesial buat perlindungan sisi depan, kebanyakan ada sesuatu hal yang lain harus menjadi perhatian, ialah :”TAMPILAN”.
Penampakan yaitu sejenis busana buat manusia, apabila busananya jelek, jadi gedung bakal tampak kurang memukau. Akan tetapi busana mesti kuat dalam buat perlindungan badan.

Sejumlah kelebihan yang dijajakan sewaktu Anda menempatkan Curtain Wall, antara lain:

  • Memperbanyak Daya Ambil

Dengan menerapkan Curtain Wall di bangunan jadi penampakan satu bangunan itu akan bertambah elok di pandang serta dapat juga mencuri perhatian orang yang melaluinya. Curtain Wall memberinya penampakan yang bersih, mutakhir, serta antik, yang saat ini dianggap dengan bentuk kontemporer.

  • Memberinya Pelindungan dari UV

Curtain Wall dapat juga mempertingkat efektivitas termal bangunan. Bahan ini dapat menyetabilkan temperatur serta kurangi cost operasionalisasi bangunan tersebut. Terutama jika ditambah dengan kaca, maka makin baik di kurangi cahaya UV. Keuntungan ini berfaedah buat melindungi sejumlah barang yang ada pada dalam gedung biar tak cepat menipis maupun hancur.

  • Memerlambat Penebaran Api

Pemanfaatan curtain wall pun dapat memerlambat penebaran api sewaktu berlangsung kebakaran. Bahan ini dapat menjadi pencegah merambatnya api dari lantai spesifik ke lantai yang lain. Penempatan curtain wall jadi paling penting lebih-lebih di sejumlah gedung yang tinggi yang mana apabila berlangsung kebakaran api bakal dengan cara cepat merembet keatas.

  • Melindungi Air serta Udara

Curtain wall punya maksud inti buat melindungi udara serta air keluar bangunan. pada prinsipnya, material ini memiliki fungsi selaku penyangga serta isolator. Perawatan bangunan yang punya curtain wall makin lebih ringan serta bisa bertahan makin lama sebab punya perisai perlindungan tambahan.

Kontraktor ACP bisa menolong Anda memilihkannya bahan Curtain Wall yang sesuai dengan bangunan Anda. serta Kami pun menyiapkan Layanan Pasang Curtain Wall dengan hasil terhebat.

Custom Cnc Machining Services

Find the best fit CNC machining service for your plastic Jasa Machining Jasa Machining Medan and metal parts, and produce and deliver on-demand.

Bring your product from the design and proJasa Machining Medan totyping stage to full production with our experience in manufacturing machined prototypes and production parts.

Looking for a competitive advantage, rapid turnaround supplier for your CNC machining project? WayKen is an expert in CNC machining service in China for both CNC prototypes and machined parts of end-use.We provide CNC milling and CNC turning of various materials, as well as drilling, tapping, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), and wire EDM. Our ISO 9001 certified production process, combined with professional machining experience and advanced CNC machines ensures your parts are made right the first time, every time.

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing method that uses a cutting tool to moves and rotate to remove material. CNC mills can be used for cutting and machining operations of various plastic and metal materials. It is suitable for any industry that requires precision components and is also an ideal tool for making molds.

CNC turning removes material by contacting a cutter with the high-speed rotating workpiece and is usually used to create round or tubular shapes. The CNC turning process allows the generation of complex external geometries and internal holes, including the machining of various threads.

5-axis CNC machining allows complex parts with multiple side features to process up to five sides in a single setup. This can pay big dividends in better machine utilization, reduce setups and cycle times, and improve quality. The ability of 5-axis machining will make our CNC shop more cost-effective for a wider range of work.

Need to achieve a tight tolerance of ±0.0005″ or better? With proven expertise, advanced CNC technology and inspection equipment, we have the experience to provide perfect accuracy and repeatability, even for the most complex parts. We are committed to providing precision CNC machining services to meet or exceed customer expectations.

CNC machining is a versatile manufacturing technology that can be used for a wide range of applications. Common examples include components for the aerospace, automotive, medical industries and etc.Prototype Design VerificationCreate Metal Molds and ToolingLow-Volume Machined Parts of End-UseMachinable Custom Automotive PartsHigh Precision Machined Aerospace ComponentsHigh-Performance Machined Medical Devices ComponentsMetal and Plastic Machining of Consumer Electronics

Prototype Machining for Your Design Verification and Engineering Testing

CNC prototyping is the process of creating plastic and metal prototypes through CNC machining, allowing your design team to closely simulate the appearance, function, and material properties of the final product, and test the suitability and manufacturability of components to prove and perfect their design.We offer professional prototype machining services to ensure quality and accuracy, with a commitment to fast delivery.

High Complexity and High Precision Prototype Machining

– Creating fully functional engineering prototypes that allow you to examine and test the form, fit, and function of components in rigorous working scenarios to help prove and refine your designs.– Creating aluminum prototypes of complex designs with extended and integrated machining processes gives us the ability to handle a wide variety of aluminum machining projects with extremely tight tolerance control and excellent surface finishes.– Creating optical prototypes of clear acrylics, high-speed cutting for complex-shaped free-form surfaces and dense optical details using D0.1-D0.tiga ultra-fine milling tools, providing micro-milling capability with excellent surface quality.

Custom Machining for Low-volume Production of End-use Parts

The advantages of CNC machining are particularly well suited to the requirements of low volume production runs of custom parts, including accuracy and repeatability, flexible processes, as well as a wide range of material options, all of which help bring products to market faster.Need 50 or 10,000 custom machined parts? We have the capability and experience to provide efficient custom CNC machining services at a reasonable price.Choosing the Right Custom Machining Service

Finding a machining service that offers “made to order” can be a valuable addition to your supplier system.WayKen has advanced machine tool and flexible production methods, from simple milling or turning parts to complex and precision 5-axis CNC machining, from prototype plastic machining to accurate metal machining, we offer a well-rounded mix of advantages. Our custom machine shop maintains 24/7 operations for optimal efficiency, quality and process control throughout the production machining process, from programming to machining to finishing. Our in-house production capabilities combined with the ability to integrate external manufacturing resources allow us to have a quick turnaround to meet any of your custom machining needs. That’s why we can be competitive for your low volume CNC machining projects.

Our Advantages in CNC MachiningAn Experienced Team with ExpertiseAdvanced In-house EquipmentsCompetitive Prices in the IndustryOne-To-One Collaboration & Proactive DFMHigh Complexity Machining CapabilityIndustry-Leading Turnaround Times

Materials​ & Finishes For CNC Machining

There are a wide variety of materials that can be machined using CNC technology, WayKen provides CNC machining quotes for more than 30 engineering-grade plastic and metal materials. In terms of finishes, various types of surface finishes can be applied to CNC machined parts.

-Plastic: ABS, PC, ABS+PC, PMMA(Acrylic), PA(Nylon), PA+GF30, POM(Acetal / Delrin), PP, PVC, HDPE, PPS, PEEK, PEI(Ultem), Teflon, Bakelite Resin, Epoxy Tooling Board.-Metal: Aluminum, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Magnesium Alloy, Titanium Alloy, Zinc Alloy.-Finishes: We support one-stop CNC machining surface finishing to meet the visual and functional requirements of any design. Including sanding, sandblasting, mirror polishing, painting, printing, laser etching, anodizing, electroplating, nickel plating, chrome plating, powder coating, etc.

More than 30 engineering-grade materials can be used for CNC plastic machining. The machined plastic parts are 100% functional and able to be mechanically tested.

Whether it is prototypes or end-use parts, our mastery of CNC metal machining techniques helps us achieve tighter tolerances, faster turnaround times, and more challenging manufacturing projects.

Put Your CNC Parts Into Production Today.

WayKen’s standard tolerance is applied to ISO 2768 (medium) for machined plastic and ISO 2768 (fine) for machined metals. Typically, we can hold a CNC machining tolerance from ±0.005″ (±0.125mm) to ±0.002″ (±0.05mm). If tighter tolerances are required, a 2D drawing with complete information will be necessary. Our engineering team will communicate with you the critical dimensional tolerances and provide the highest degree of precision possible.

A Quick Guide to Designing CNC Machined Parts

Optimize your designs to avoid unnecessary machining features, limit part complexity, help reduce CNC machining costs and time, and create machined parts faster and more efficiently.As large an internal radius as possible

Any internal cut will generate a fillet that is half the diameter of the tool used. Milling with smaller tools takes a long time and we recommend that the radius should be greater than 1/3 of the depth of machining. The best bet is to relieve internal corners or allow for as large an internal radius as possible on mating part designs and use the same radius on all inside edges so that the same tool can be used throughout the CNC machining processes.Avoid overly deep cavities, grooves and holes


Do práce, na studium, nebo na hraní? Notebook je v dnešní době už povinnou výbavou téměř každé domácnosti. Vyberte si z široké nabídky našich notebooků. S jejich výběrem vám pomůže náš článek Jak vybrat notebook.

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notebook Toko Notebook Medan • 14″ úhlopříčka • dotykový IPS displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor Intel Core i3-1125G4 (4jádrový Grosir Notebook Medan – až tiga,7 GHz) • úložiště Jual Notebook Medan SSD 128 GB • paměť RAM 4 GB • sdílená grafická karta Intel UHarga Notebook Medan HD Graphics • HDMI dua.0 • Distributor Notebook Medan 1× USB-C (s podporou Power Delivery a DisplayPort) • dua× USB 3.0 • Bluetooth lima.dua • Wi-Fi 802.11ax • čtečka paměťových karet • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém Windows 10 Home S • hmotnost 1,52 kg • Microsoft 365 na 1 rok zdarma + 1 TB OneDrive cloudové úložištěsada aplikací Microsoft 365 pro jednotlivce (na 1 rok)

ZÁNOVNÍ • notebook • 13,tiga” úhlopříčka • Retina displej • 2560 × 1600 px • procesor Apple M1 (8jádrový – až tiga,2 GHz) • úložiště SSD 256 GB • paměť RAM 8 GB • integrovaná grafická karta • 2× USB 4 (Thunderbolt 3) • Bluetooth lima.0 • Wi-Fi ax • čtečka otisku prstů • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém macOS Big Sur

notebook • 14″ úhlopříčka • Retina displej • 3024 × 1964 px • obnovovací frekvence 120 Hz • procesor Apple M1 Pro (8jádrový) • úložiště SSD 512 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • integrovaná grafická karta (14jádrová) • HDMI • 3× USB 4 (Thunderbolt tiga) • čtečka paměťových karet • Bluetooth 5.0 • Wi-Fi ax • čtečka otisku prstů • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém macOS

ZÁNOVNÍ • notebook • 14″ úhlopříčka • IPS displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor Intel Core i5-1135G7 (4jádrový – až 4,dua GHz) • úložiště SSD 1 000 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • integrovaná grafická karta Intel Iris Xe • HDMI • 1× USB-C • dua× USB 3.1 • Bluetooth 5.1 • Wi-Fi 802.11ax • čtečka paměťových karet • čtečka otisku prstů • podsvícená klávesnice • bez operačního systému

notebook • 14″ úhlopříčka • antireflexní IPS displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor Intel Core i5-1135G7 (4jádrový – až 4,dua GHz) • úložiště SSD 512 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • sdílená grafická karta Intel Iris Xe Graphics • HDMI • 1× USB-C (s podporou rozhraní Power Delivery 3.0 a DisplayPort 1.dua) • 2× USB 3.dua Gen 1 • Bluetooth lima.1 • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) • čtečka paměťových karet • čtečka otisku prstů • HD webkamera • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém Windows 10 Home

notebook • 15,6″ úhlopříčka • antireflexní IPS displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor AMD Ryzen R7 5800H (8jádrový – až 4,4 GHz) • úložiště SSD 512 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • samostatná grafická karta NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 • 1× HDMI 2.0 • 1× USB-C • 1× USB tiga.0, 1× USB 2.0 • Bluetooth 5.0 • Wi-Fi 802.11ac 2×dua • čtečka paměťových karet • klávesnice s numerickou částí • operační systém Windows 10 Home

notebook • 10,tiga” úhlopříčka • dotykový IPS displej • 1920 × 1200 px • procesor Intel Celeron N4020 (2jádrový – až dua,8 GHz) • úložiště eMMC 128 GB • paměť RAM 4 GB • sdílená grafická karta Intel UHD Graphics 600 • 1× USB-C tiga.dua Gen 1 s podporou přenosu dat a rozhraní DisplayPort 1.dua • 1× USB-C tiga.2 Gen 1 s podporou přenosu dat, technologie Power Delivery 3.0 a rozhraní DisplayPort 1.2 • Bluetooth lima.0 • Wi-Fi 802.11ac • čtečka paměťových karet • přední i zadní kamera • odnímatelná klávesnice • operační systém Windows 10 Pro

notebook • 15,6″ úhlopříčka • IPS displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor Intel Core i5-11400H (6jádrový – až 4,lima GHz) • úložiště SSD 512 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • samostatná grafická karta NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 (4 GB) • HDMI • 1× Thunderbolt 4 • tiga× USB 3.2 • Bluetooth lima.dua • Wi-Fi 802.11ax • klávesnice s numerickou částí • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém Windows 11 Home

notebook • 14″ úhlopříčka • IPS displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor Intel Pentium Silver N5030 (4jádrový – až tiga,1 GHz) • úložiště SSD 128 GB • paměť RAM 4 GB • integrovaná grafická karta Intel UHD • HDMI • 1× USB-C • 2× USB tiga.0 • 1× USB 2.0 • Bluetooth • Wi-Fi 802.11ac • čtečka paměťových karet • čtečka otisku prstů • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém Windows 10 S • Microsoft 365 na 1 rok zdarma + 1 TB OneDrive cloudové úložiště

ZÁNOVNÍ • notebook • 15,6″ úhlopříčka • IPS antireflexní displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor Intel Core i5-11400H (8jádrový – až 4,lima GHz) • úložiště SSD 512 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • samostatná grafická karta NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti (4 GB) • HDMI • 1× USB-C • dua× USB 3.2, 1× USB 2.0 • RJ45 • Bluetooth 5.2 • Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) • HD webkamera • klávesnice s numerickou částí • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém Windows 10 Home

notebook • 15,6″ úhlopříčka • antireflexní SVA displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor Intel Core i3-1115G4 (2jádrový – až 4,1 GHz) • úložiště SSD 256 GB • paměť RAM 8 GB • integrovaná grafická karta Intel UHD Graphics • 1× HDMI 1.4b • 1× USB-C • dua× USB 3.1 • Bluetooth 5.0 • Wi-Fi 802.11ac • čtečka paměťových karet • klávesnice s numerickou částí • operační systém Windows 11 Home

notebook • 15,6″ úhlopříčka • antireflexní displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor AMD Ryzen 5-5500U (6jádrový – až 4 GHz) • úložiště SSD 512 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • integrovaná grafika AMD Lucienne • HDMI • 1× USB-C PD • 2× USB tiga.dua • Bluetooth lima.1 • Wi-Fi 802.11ax • čtečka paměťových karet • čtečka otisku prstů • klávesnice s numerickou částí • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém Windows 10 Home

notebook • 13,3″ úhlopříčka • Retina displej • 2560 × 1600 px • procesor Apple M1 (8jádrový – až 3,dua GHz) • úložiště SSD 1 000 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • integrovaná grafická karta (8 jader) • dua× USB 4 (Thunderbolt 3) • Bluetooth 5.0 • Wi-Fi ax • čtečka otisku prstů • podsvícená česko-anglická klávesnice • operační systém macOS Big Sur

ZÁNOVNÍ • notebook • 16″ úhlopříčka • Retina displej • 3456 × 2234 px • obnovovací frekvence 120 Hz • procesor Apple M1 Pro (10jádrový) • úložiště SSD 1 000 GB • paměť RAM 16 GB • integrovaná grafická karta (16jádrová) • HDMI • 3× USB 4 (Thunderbolt 3) • čtečka paměťových karet • Bluetooth lima.0 • Wi-Fi ax • čtečka otisku prstů • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém macOS

notebook • 15,6″ úhlopříčka • IPS antireflexní displej • 1920 × 1080 px • procesor AMD Ryzen lima 5600H (6jádrový – až 4,2 GHz) • úložiště SSD 512 GB • paměť RAM 8 GB • samostatná grafická karta NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 (4 GB) • HDMI • RJ45 • 1× USB-C • 1× USB tiga.0 • 1× USB dua.0 • Bluetooth 5.0 • Wi-Fi 802.11ac • čtečka paměťových karet • klávesnice s numerickou částí • podsvícená klávesnice • operační systém Windows 11

Aerospace Cnc Machining Denver Colorado

Leatherneck Precision Machine can help you with – PrototypesProductionDesign for Manufacturing ConsultingCNC Milling & ProgrammingReverse EngineeringCAD DesignMIG & TIG Welding

An excellent precision CNC Jasa Machining Medan machining service can work wonders for your company or small business. However, picking the right machining service provider can be a bit tricky. You can’t just pick any CNC machining business right off the bat. Instead, you have to rely on track record and proven experience. By being meticulous, you can save a lot of time and money. If you are looking for precision machining in Denver, one company that can help you is Leatherneck Precision Machine.

Leatherneck Precision Machine is ISO 9001:2015 ,AS9100:2016 and ITAR registered and certified Aerospace Machine shop. Founded in 2017, Leatherneck Precision Machine aims to provide high-quality precision machining services to aerospace, automotive, commercial, and government clients. With 25 years of experience under our belt, we can definitely accomplish all your machining needs. Most of the clients that we have worked with are aerospace Jasa Machining companies, Dept of Defense, aftermarket automotive and motorcycle custom parts, other manufacturing plants, factories and machine shops. We have also satisfied many service requests from independent contractors and project planners.

What separates us from common precision machining companies in denver is our total dedication to the craft; our expertise allows us to get the most out of our machines, taking many fast, light cuts rather than heavier cuts which tend to damage tools and add to project costs. Our fast and light technique is of particular value in aerospace machining. With such Jasa Machining Medan dedication, we are able to complete projects in a precise and timely manner. We continue to invest in our precision machining tools and equipment as well as CAD/CAM perangkat lunak, to keep our business ahead of the market curve.

When it comes to professional CNC machining in the Denver area, Leatherneck Precision Machine is truly worth your while. Leatherneck Precision Machine is a Verified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business by the Dept of Veterans Affairs and a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business Enterprise from The National Veteran Owned Business Association. Call us today for a free service consultation or come visit our 3500 square foot manufacturing space. CNC Machining in Colorado at its finest. 

Notebook: Encontre Promoções E O Menor Preço No Zoom

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Tahapan Dan Cara Memulai Bisnis Event Organizer

Usaha Event Organizer atau sering dianggap menggunakan EO (baca: i-o) Jasa EO adalah galat satu jenis Outbound Training usaha jasa yg sanggup dilakukan setiap orang tanpa mengenal batasan usia ataupun peJasa Event Organizer kerjaan, selama anda dapat menyusun & merancang konsep program dengan rinci & matang.

Cakupan program atau event yg sanggup dilakukan oleh Event Organizer pun sangat luas & majemuk, mulai Pembicara Seminar berdasarkan acara tujuh belasan, ulang tahun, pernikahan, sampai kepada konser ataupun pameran skala internasional.

Banyak sekali yg mencoba berbisnis sebagai Event Organizer, mulai menurut skala yg kecil, individu, hingga ke skala akbar & menciptakan perusahaan sendiri yg umumnya sudah mempunyai pemodal dan program rutin serta tim sendiri.

Rentang usia para pelaku Event Organizer ini pun pula majemuk, mulai dari tim kepanitiaan anak Sekolah Menengah Atas, kuliah, bunda tempat tinggaltangga, karyawan, sampai wiraswasta yang memang berfokus kepada kegiatan tadi.

Jika anda termasuk keliru satu yang tertarik memulai usaha Event Organizer namun masih resah bagaimana memulainya, dalam artikel ini kami akan bahas secara mendalam tentang bagaimana melakukan hal tadi secara termin demi tahap.

Tetapi bila anda lebih tertarik dengan bisnis online, silahkan baca beberapa artikel yang kami buat terkait hal tadi, misalnya cara sebagai reseller online shop, lalu cara sukses usia muda melalui bisnis online, tips usaha sukses bagi pemula, dan lain sebagainya.Apa Lingkup Pekerjaan Event Organizer ?

SeIn House Training belum mengetahui langkah-langkah dan cara memulai bisnis Event Organizer, terdapat baiknya anda tahu terlebih dahulu seluk beluk serta lingkup pekerjaan menurut mereka yg menjalani bisnis tersebut.

Secara umum, menjadi Event Organizer berarti anda adalah yang bertanggung jawab pada mengorganisir dan mengeksekusi jalannya suatu kegiatan, entah itu kegiatan yang anda rancang sendiri konsepnya, ataupun kegiatan yang ditugaskan kepada anda sang orang lain.

Dalam lingkup yg lebih khusus, sebagai Event Organizer itu berarti anda bertanggung jawab atas seluruh hal di belakang layar, yg beberapa diantaranya adalah sebagai berikut:Menyusun & mengalokasikan anggaran untuk setiap hal yg dibutuhkan sang suatu Event,Menentukan dan memastikan ketersediaan perlengkapan yang dibutuhkan,Memastikan lokasi aktivitas dapat dan layak dipakai,Memastikan anda mempekerjakan SDM yg cukup,Memastikan akomodasi, transportasi, & konsumsi dari panitia dan pengunjung terpenuhi,& lain sebagainya.

Tentunya lingkup pekerjaan nantinya akan disesuaikan menggunakan jenis event yg anda selenggarakan, & mungkin tidak seluruh hal di atas akan anda lakukan, atau sangat mungkin akan jauh lebih kompleks dibandingkan daftar di atas tersebut.Skill yg diharapkan Event Organizer

Selanjutnya pada menjalankan usaha Event Organizer, anda sebaiknya pula harus memiliki skill alias ketrampilan pada beberapa hal supaya acara dapat berjalan menggunakan lancar, atau minimal mengurangi risiko kegagalan.

Misalnya buat menyusun aturan, sangat disarankan buat anda menguasai Microsoft Excel ataupun aplikasi sejenisnya sebagai akibatnya anda akan lebih mudah memantau serta mempelajari ulang anggaran yg sudah anda susun buat lalu direvisi.

Akan lebih membantu juga bila anda merupakan seseorang yg teliti,serta piawai dalam melihat hal-hal yang detail, dan tentunya akan sangat membantu apabila anda telah memiliki pengalaman sebelumnya dalam menyelenggarakan suatu event.

Pengelolaan keuangan yg baik serta ketrampilan pada negosiasi juga sangat dibutuhkan, terutama apabila event yang anda selenggarakan membutuhkan sponsorship yang mana anda wajibmengajukan proposal pada para calon sponsor yg sekiranya tertarik berkontribusi buat aktivitas yg akan anda lakukan tadi.Langkah Menjadi Event Organizer

Setelah mengetahui lingkup pekerjaan & ketrampilan yg diharapkan, kemudian bagaimana usahakan cara memulai bisnis Event Organizer yang sempurna dan nir salahlangkah ?

Berikut ini akan kami berikan penjelasannya secara bertahap, yang sanggup anda coba praktekkan bila anda ingin mulai menggeluti bisnis Event Organizer ini dan menjadikannya sebagai usaha primer anda kedepannya.1. Menambah pengalaman (bila anda belum memilikinya)

Langkah pertama pada cara memulai bisnis event organizer merupakan dengan menambah pengalaman anda, terutama jika anda belum pernah menangani suatu event sebelumnya.

Anda bisa bergabung dengan kepanitiaan program di lebih kurang rumah, sekolah, atau kampus anda, atau bergabung dengan Event Organizer yang telah berdiri lebih dahulu, supaya anda mampu lebih memahami bagaimana cara kerja dan apa saja yang perlu dikerjakan.

Biasanya suatu kepanitian akan terbagi ke pada beberapa gerombolanatau seksi, misalnya seksi program, perlengkapan, publikasi, keamanan, atau konsumsi, & usahakan anda mencoba bekerja di seluruh seksi yang ada agar pemahaman anda mengenai pekerjaan di pada seksi tersebut semakin bertambah.dua. Kumpulkan tim

Setelah anda merasa cukup berpengalaman, tahapan selanjutnya dalam cara memulai usaha Event Organizer merupakan anda mampu mulai menciptakan tim yang terdiri menurut orang-orang yg anda percaya bisa membantu anda pada menjalankan bisnis Event Organizer tersebut.

Pada tahapan ini sebenarnya sangat belum pasti, lantaran mampu saja anda beranjak sendirian atau berdua, dan residu pekerjaan lainnya mampu anda limpahkan pada pihak ketiga alias vendor yg telah anda percaya kualitasnya.

Tim yang kami maksud di sini bukanlah orang-orang yg akan bertugas menjadi eksekutor pada lapangan, melainkan terdiri menurut individu yg mampu membantu anda merancang konsep, menyusun aturan dan proposal, dan tugas-tugas primer lainnya.tiga. Jalin kerjasama menggunakan vendor

Seperti telah kami singgung sedikit dalam poin sebelumnya di atas, anda pula harus menjalin kerjasama dengan vendor-vendor yg mampu anda percaya dan sudah terbukti kualitas pekerjaannya.

Beberapa jenis vendor yg krusial dan umumnya dibutuhkan pada beberapa jenis event misalnya adalah vendor buat panggung, sound system, pencahayaan (lighting), dekorasi, & penyediaan indera-alat seperti genset, AC portabel, projektor beserta layar, & lain sebagainya.4. Promosikan ke dalam lingkaran pertemanan dan keluarga

Untuk mulai mempromosikan usaha anda, mulailah berdasarkan lingkungan terdekat terlebih dahulu contohnya sahabat-teman anda atau anggota famili, baik keluarga inti ataupun keluarga jauh.

Hal ini dikarenakan pengelolaan event ini sanggup dilakukan oleh siapa saja, dan karena itu anda sahih-sahih membutuhkan dapat dipercaya apabila anda ingin dipercaya mengerjakan event skala akbar, sebagai akibatnya memulai menurut orang-orang terdekat akan menjadikan anda lebih mudah dipercaya dan secara perlahan menambah pengalaman anda.lima. Mulai dari event skala kecil

Tahapan selanjutnya dalam cara memulai usaha event organizer adalah dengan memulai menurut mengerjakan event skala miniterlebih dahulu sebelum mulai mengerjakan event yg skalanya lebih besar .

Misalnya membantu menyelenggarakan program tujuh belasan di perumahan anda, turnamen game atau olahraga mini-kecilan, program pernikahan sahabat atau kerabat anda, mengadakan kegiatan wisata buat rombongan atau aktivitas outbound, & lain sebagainya yg skalanya nir terlalu besardan membutuhkan modal yg besar .6. Permodalan

Selanjutnya anda pula perlu memikirkan mengenai kapital yg diharapkan buat mendanai suatu event atau kegiatan, yg jua merupakan keliru satu hal penting di pada tahapan & cara memulai usaha event organizer.

Ada beberapa metode pemodalan yang mampu anda pertimbangkan dalam waktu akan menjalankan suatu event, yaitu kapital sendiri, donasi atau sumbangan berdasarkan orang lain, mencari sponsor yg mau mendanai aktivitas tadi, atau campuran berdasarkan ketiganya.

Untuk jenis event tertentu contohnya turnamen game, kontes musik, atau turnamen olah raga, pendapatan pula sanggup anda dapatkan menurut uang pendaftaranyang anda kenakan kepada para partisipan, atau berdasarkan penjualan tiket masuk, meskipun usahakan anda tidak bergantung kepada hal ini.

Mengapa uang registrasi atau tiket masuk bukan merupakan salahsatu alternatif pendanaan yang baik buat event ? Lantaran risikonya terlalu tinggi & sebagus apapu kenaikan pangkatanda permanen nir mampu diperkirakan berapa pendapatan yang akan anda terima melalui kedua hal tersebut.

Sebaiknya pendapatan menurut uang registrasi ataupun tiket masuk anda kategorikan sebagai laba, atau sebagai “uang jaga-jaga” apabila ternyata dalam saat pelaksanaan kegiatan terdapat biaya -biayatak terduga yg ada.

Untuk kapital sendiri, yg kami maksud pada sini nir serta merta uang yang dikeluarkan berdasarkan kocek anda saja, namun apabila jasa Event Organizer anda ditunjuk menjadi pelaksana aktivitas oleh suatu organisasi, institusi, atau perusahaan, maka dana yg mereka keluarkan buat membayar anda jua termasuk ke dalam kategori ini.

Pte Precision Machining

PTE Precision Machining located in Kittery, Maine.

When considering machine shops in Maine, New Hampshire, and northeast Massachusetts, PTE Precision Machining is a full service machine shop offering CNC machining, manual machining, as well as welding, and fabrication. PTE Precision Machining has provided CNC machining work for a variety of customers, including but not limited to; utility, automotive, research & development, Department of Defense, food processing, and energy production companies. The list of fabrication and machining services we offer are endless – no job is too big or too small for us to handle. Our full service job shop offers machining, welding, and metal fabrication; serving residential and industrial clients in Southern Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, throughout all of New England, and the entire United States.Dedicated Staff

Along with our well trained and dedicated staff, we utilize a wide variety of state-of-the-art machining equipment, which makes it possible for us to deliver CNC machining, metal fabrication, precision machining, production machining, MIG welding, TIG welding, and many other services at an affordable price that is on time and on budget. Our machinists are experienced in machining Jasa Machining from various materials such as: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, alloys, high temperature alloys, copper, brass, plastic, and more. Our committed team of employees has experience to bring a finished and assembled product to our customer, Jasa Machining Medan using their expertise through the machining, fabrication and welding processes, along with managing suppliers and sub-contractors for any outsourced processes. We work on low volume, prototype and repair projects, up to medium sized production projects – projects ranging in size up to several hundred pieces.Leading Edge Technology

Leading edge technology and our experienced machinists, along with a dedication to customer service, helps us to produce quality work that sets us apart from other machine shops in Maine. If you have a machining Jasa Machining Medan (milling or lathe turning), welding or fabrication project … contact PTE Precision Machining … we will work with you to provide you with the best product possible that meets your requirements.

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Seit mehr als über ein Jahrzehnt ist die erste Anlaufstelle vor dem Kauf von Notebooks. Wir bieten unseren Lesern eine neutrale Beratung von erfahrenen Experten, aussagestarke Vergleiche und zuverlässige Ratgeber. Zeitgleich versorgt Sie unsere unabhängige Redaktion aus Fachjournalisten mit aktuellen News und Testberichten aus der IT-Welt. Zum Beispiel über Neuerscheinungen, Trends, Zubehör und Software. Dabei geben wir wertvolle Tipps für Alltag, in einer Sprache die auch Technik-Laien verstehen.Riesen Produktvergleich

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Electrical Discharge Machining ( Edm ) Design Consideration Process Capabilities

Electrical Discharge Machining ( EDM ) Design Considerations Process Capabilities

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Electrical Discharge Machining, EDM is one of the most accurate manufacturing processes available for creating complex or simple shapes and geometries within parts and assemblies. EDM works by eroding material in the path of electrical discharges that form an arc between an electrode tool and the work piece.  EDM manufacturing is quite affordable and a very desirable manufacturing process when low counts or high accuracy is required.  Turn around time can be fast and depends on manufacturer back log.

The EDM system consists of a shaped tool or wire electrode, and the part. The part is connected to a power supply. Sometimes to create a potential difference between the work piece and tool, the work piece is immersed in a dielectric (electrically non conducting fluid which is circulated to flush away debris.

The cutting pattern is usually CNC controlled.  Many EDM machine electrodes can rotate about two-three axis allowing for cutting of internal cavities. This makes EDM a highly capable manufacturing process.

EDM comes in two basic types: wire and probe (die sinker). Wire EDM is used Jasa Machining primarily for shapes cut shapes through a selected part or assembly. With a wire EDM machine, if a cutout needs to be created, an initial hole must first be drilled in the material, then the wire can be fed through the hole to complete the machining. Sinker (die sinking EDM’s are generally used for complex geometries where the EDM machine uses a machined graphite or copper electrode to erode the desired shape into the part or assembly. Sinker EDM can cut a hole into the part without having a hole pre-drilled for the electrode.

EDM Power System. The discharge energy during EDM is provided by a direct current pulse power generator. The EDM power system can be classified into RC, LC, RLC, and transistorized types. The transistorized EDM power systems provide square waveform pulses with the pulse on-time usually ranging from 1 to 2000 msec, peak Jasa Machining Medan voltage ranging from 40 to 400V, and peak discharge current ranging from 0.lima to 500 A. With the RC, LC, or RLC type power system, the discharge energy comes from a capacitor that is connected in parallel with the machining gap. As a result of the low impedance of plasma channel, the discharge duration is very short (less than lima msec), and the discharge current is very high, up to 1000 A. The peak voltage is in the same range of transistorized power systems.

The transistorized power systems are usually used in die-sinking EDM operations because of their lower tool wear. Capacitive power systems are used for small hole drilling, machining of advanced materials, and micro-EDM because of higher material removal rate and better process stability. WEDM power generator usually is a transistor-controlled capacitive power system that reduces the wire rupture risk. In this power system, the discharge frequency can be controlled by adjusting the on-time and off time of the transistors that control the charging pulse for the capacitor connected in parallel with the machining gap.

Key EDM System Components: The machining gap between tool and work piece during EDM must be submerged in an electrically nonconductive dielectric fluid. In die-sinking EDM, kerosene is often used as a dielectric fluid because it provides lower tool wear, higher accuracy, and better surface quality. Deionized water is always used as a dielectric fluid in WEDM to provide a larger gap size and lower wire temperature in order to reduce the wire rupture risk. This fluid also serves to flush debris from the gap and thus helps maintain surface quality.

Copper and graphite are commonly used as die-sinking EDM tool materials because of the high electrical conductivity and high melting temperature and the ease of being fabricated into complicated shapes. The wire electrode for WEDM is usually made of copper, brass, or molybdenum in a diameter ranging from 0.01 to 0.5 mm. Stratified copper wire coated with zinc brass with diameter of 0.25 mm is often used.

In the traditional die-sinking EDM process, the tool is fabricated into a required shape and mounted on a ram that moves vertically. The spark discharges can only occur under a particular gap size that determines the strength of electric field to break down the dielectric. A servo control mechanism is equipped to monitor the gap voltage and to drive the machine ram moving up or down to obtain a dischargeable gap size and maintain continuous sparking. Because the average gap voltage is approximately proportional to the gap size, the servo system controls the ram position to keep the average gap voltage as close as possible to a preset voltage, known as the servo reference voltage.

In a WED machine, the wire electrode is held vertically by two wire guides located separately above and beneath the work piece with the wire traveling longitudinally during machining. The work piece is usually mounted on an x-y table. The trajectory of the relative movement between wire and work piece in the x-y coordinate space is controlled by a CNC servo system according to a preprogrammed cutting passage. The CNC servo system also adjusts the machining gap size in real time, similar to the die sinking EDM operation. The dielectric fluid is sprayed from above and beneath the work piece into the machining gap with two nozzles.

The power generators in WED machines usually are transistor-controlled RC or RLC systems that provide higher machining rate and larger gap size to reduce wire rupture risks. In some WED machines, the machining gap is submerged into the dielectric fluid to avoid wire vibration to obtain a better accuracy. The upper wire guide is also controlled by the CNC system in many WED machines. During machining, the upper wire guide and the x-y table simultaneously move along their own preprogrammed trajectories to produce a taper and/or twist surface on the work piece.

Advantages of EDM :Complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult to produce with conventional cutting tools Extremely hard material to very close tolerances Very small work pieces where conventional machining tools may damage the part from excess cutting tool pressure. There is no direct contact between tool and work piece. Therefore delicate sections and weak materials can be machined without any distortion.

Disadvantages of EDM :Relatively s low rate of material removal. Additional lead time and cost used for creating electrodes for ram/sinker EDM. Reproducing sharp corners on the workpiece is difficult due to electrode wear. Electrical power consumption is high. Material must be electrically conductive

Mechanical Design Considerations:Relax the surface-finish for the part, if feasible. This allows the manufacturer to produce the part with fewer passes, at a higher current level and a higher metal-removal rate.Design or prepare the part such that the amount of stock removed by EDM is relatively small. Use traditional machining techniques to remove the bulk of the stock with the finishing operations performed by EDM. This significantly reduces the amount of time and cost for each part.The EDM manufacturer should consider fixtures such that several parts can be stacked and machined simultaneously or a single part can have several EDM operations performed simultaneously.When existing holes are to be enlarged or reshaped by EDM, through holes are preferred to blind holes as they permit easier flow of dielectric fluid past the area being machinedThere will be some degree of materials exchange between the EDM wire / probe and the base material. Specify a cleaning procedure is galvanic corrosion is a concern.The minimum internal corner radius of cut feature will dictate the maximum wire diameter that can be used. Obviously, the wire diameter needs to be at less than double the minimum inside corner radius. However, one also has to account for the amount of final over cut, plus a small amount of “maneuvering” room, so that the CNC can generate the corner. This is analogous to CNC contour milling, in which accurate internal corner radii are generated by machine motion, rather than just plunging an end mill into a corner and accepting the result. Usually, “the bigger, the better” for wire diameters up to .010″. It is important to note that the new Jasa Machining Medan “twin wire” machines can employ a different strategy for these conditions, however, most of us do not have this luxury. Recommendations for small diameter wires include:High Tensile Brass wire for .006″ diameterSteel Core wire from .002″ to .004″ diameter Moly wire from .002″ to .004″ Tungsten wire from .0008″ to .002″